Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Garden 3...BUGS

Well the dreaded day has come...we have BUGS.  They are cabbage worms, squash bugs and aphids.  We also have rabbits.  And for someone who LOVES bunnies, well these are not!  They are evicted and we hope that the fence is going to do its job!  For the bugs I have ordered ladybugs to get the aphids and used BT organic spray for the other things. 

Right now we are harvesting cauliflower, lettuce, carrots and snap peas.  SOON we will have tomatoes.  I hope a lot because I have 18 plants!!  The plan is to share and can the rest!

And just because I can't "not" have a picture, here is Dale at my parents farm trimming their trees!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Garden 2

So this is progress about 3 weeks later.  We covered it with 6 mil plastic purchased from greenhouse superstore.  Stephen, the kids and I pulled the plastic over the pvc pipe, which is used for the frame.  There are two layers of plastic.
Inside you can see we are using some "grow boxes".  They are styrofoam boxes used to ship fish in!  We fill them with half native soil and then add good garden soil. 
First things planted!  Spinach and cilantro!  Very GOOD.  WE have enjoyed both a lot and will plant more of each.  It is a balance as I figure out what will grow here and when! 


It all started when I said I wanted a house that had room for a garden!  Well we had the room but no garden.  That is until late January when Stephen, my Daddy and friends helped us get started on the high tunnel greenhouse.  It is about 20x40 and I am enjoying being able to garden.  I don't like the rabbits or cabbage worms though!! 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


IN LOVE!  Oh how I love this sweet little boy!  It was a dream to be able to help celebrate sweet Jack for his first birthday! Heather Belle and Jay did an amazing party and we all had such a great time!  Jack is such a happy baby!